Friday, May 15, 2009

Caroline Kaliedoscope

Last weekend, Caroline had her dance performance. This year she was in four dances. The first one was called "Cultivating Entropy". Before it started, Miles and Geni had a nice nerdy discussion about whether this was possible or not. Miles didn't get it, but Geni said that is what she has been doing in her house for ages....These photos are from dress rehearsal, so not great, but you get the idea. It's hard to point out where she is in this one, I am not sure myself...

Same with this one, she is in the front on the right, just believe me....
In this one she is right in front of the person whose hands are illuminated....Aha! Here she is in the middle!! Many people told me this dance was one of their favorite pieces...

Here she is on the far right doing a spin in a Jitterbug dance during "Simply Ellington".

Here she is on the far right, as a crow during "99Crows on a Wire".
In this pic, she is 3rd from the left with her hands over her head.

It was a great show....she was fantastic. Such a tiring weekend, though, after 4 performances and a cast party, she had to sleep in a bit on Monday morning. She loves it, though, and the week after is a bit of a letdown, since they have been preparing for it all year!

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