Thursday, June 11, 2009

Back to Camp

Last Saturday, we hopped the 10:10 ferry out to Vashon Island for Camp Sealth Open House. When we arrived, I was SO HAPPY to see Tommy and John, (it's been a year), and Tommy made us tofu and potatoes with nutritional yeast gravy!! It was fantastic, of course. We hung out for a while and chatted, the kids ran around in the yard, and we ate a bunch of tofu and pastries. Then we headed out to camp, with Twist-O and Baby Twist-o in one car, and the rest of us in our car. After a stop at the market so Shrub could get some good smelling soap, and crazy bad directions from the guy parking cars in the meadow, we got to camp!! We immediately went to Lower Shutanka, to relive the glory days of Clover and Mod's Arts and Crafts Den. We found TINA (luckily we were 4 minutes early to meet her, not 56 minutes late)and then walked down the beach to the Boata Dock.

There was a touch tank on the dock, and we checked out all the stuffs, and posed for some photos....Played on the beach.....(Twist-O, Tina, Baby Twist-o and Miles running off....)
The kids and Tina and I went out to Kiwanis, and took a little walk behind the teepees, and ate some of the best salmonberries I have ever tasted!

....and old friends in front of Shutanka--Clover, Safari, Twist-O and Shrub.Then back to Shrub's house for panini and beers, and the kids ran around and found a gecko in the pond. Now they want one for a pet, but I think I will continue to deflect that request...

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