Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Train of Thought

Dear Maple Leaf Neighborhood Community Council,

Thank you so much for putting this beautiful Pea-Patch in my 'hood. It is really nicely done, and a great little place to mosey around when out for a walk. We love the labyrinth,

the tool shed,

and the view!

Such a great view of Northgate Mall from such a groovy location!

Love, Elise

Speaking of the Mall that I love.....

Dear Northgate Mall,
While I understand that you were trying to improve things with the remodel, and I appreciate the addition of more stores I will never frequent (I'm looking at you, Bed Bath and Beyond), why did you have to go crazy in the parking lot, so when I want to go to Barnes and Noble, I have to drive through the serpentine maze of wackitude. Why, Northgate, why?
Ms. Hillyer

Speaking of parking lots of insanity.....

Dear Trader Joe's,
Why do you find America's Worst Parking Lots, and then build a store around them? Is it part of your business plan? Why? Please consider some parking lot remodels with some of that money you are saving by packaging your own pasta and soy flax chips.


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