Friday, July 3, 2009

Concert Review

Last week, I took Miles to his first concert. He has been to Bumbershoot, but this was his first big venue shindig. We went and saw David Byrne down at the Paramount. I have seen DB 4 times live, and I think every time, that was the BEST! Maybe this was the best because I was with Miles, and he is so fun, and we have been SO excited for about 2 months now. Or maybe it was the best because I think this is the first time I have ever heard DB play any Talking Heads songs in concert! Maybe it was the best because it is the first concert I have been to since seeing Devendra in Paris, and I forgot that -- Concerts are Really Fun!

There was no opening band, David came out and got right down to business.
He said we could take photos, despite all the signage telling us we could not, but that we were only allowed to post the flattering ones, haha.

He had a great band, and backup dancers, that were so good, I forgot to watch HIM sometimes.
Seattlites are famous for sitting sedately in their seats, and never dancing. I would have been up and boogie-ing from the get-go, but the people sitting sedately behind you frown on that sort of thing.....eventually, he busted out 'Once in a Lifetime' and everyone was on their feet for the rest of the show. Miles is here, waving his hands in the air, like he just don't care, wearing his concert t-shirt over his oxford shirt. He was awesome, though it was very loud for him, he didn't want to plug his ears, because that would be disrespectful. I told him it was OK, David wouldn't mind, and he couldn't really see us up there in the first balcony.....
This song David sat down rolly office chairs.

The second of three encores featured a marching band!!! Not just any old marching band, but this one, called the Extra Action Marching Band. It was awesome.

We had such a good time, Miles loved it, and spent the next day listening to Stop Making Sense all day.

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