Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday-New York City!

From the beginning we have made a pact as a family NOT to sing THIS SONG at all today. Originally, we were going to go out to see the Statue of Liberty, but realize that that is a big hunk of a day, and decide to just explore the city..... So, we head into NYC from Secaucus on a cool train, Miles is SO excited, and a little sad it wasn't a longer ride...
We get off in Penn Station, and start walking, taking in all the sights. We make a stop here at Bryant Park as an homage to Tim Gunn....

Then head up towards Rockefeller Center, and stop off at American Girl Place!!
Caroline has always wanted to go there, and achieve her lifelong goal of getting her photo put on the front of the AG magazine. Done!!
Miles and Nick were able to tolerate about ten minutes of the store until they started breaking out in hives, due to the amount of estrogen floating in the air there, and went outside in search of pretzels. Then, much to Miles' delight, and lifelong dream achievement, we took the subway
up to Central Park West to the museum of Natural History, where we wander around, play with magnets and use the restrooms.
Then we take a little walk through Central Park (I always wanted to do that).
And go to Strawberry Fields, the John Lennon Memorial. We are a little tuckered, and spend some time on a shady bench, watching people from ALL OVER the world come to take their photo here.
Then we walk back to Times Square, see the Ed Sullivan Theater,
...find Caroline's comedy club we did not know she was running...
Managed to not buy the world's largest chocolate bar.
Watched these dudes breakdancing...
....walked around Times Square at night...
....and took a taxi back to Penn Station.
Good thing we have a car day tomorrow, our little feet are tired! A full NYC day!

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