Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tuesday--Travel Day

Today we leave for our big trip back east. We have an afternoon flight, so it is very odd to not be rushing around. We got up, finished packing, and Geni came at 12:15. We SMASHED all the suitcases into the back of her Jetta, and made it to the airport with just the right amount of time to spare....Hopped onto our very full flight to Baltimore, watched lightning out the window of the airplane, read books, played cribbage, and arrived at about 10:30. Luggage was fine, (no drama),rented a car, (a PT Cruiser, oh man we look like dorks)and got on the road. We arrive at Zoe's around midnight and stay up a while chatting with Matt.

A travel day so unremarkable that we took absolutely no photos. OK, but I got one of the car.
Embarassing. Oh and here is Zoe and Matt's house!

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