Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wednesday--Washington DC

Most of the family slept in a bit, but I got up and went running, around the Navy Stadium, twice. It was about like trying to run in a sauna, or a shower, but I survived. Humidity is so weird. We got on the road at about noon, and headed into DC to Aunt Cynthia's apartment. She said we can park there for free all day! Bonus! We haven't seen her since Paris, too long! We 'pop in' and say hello, Miles fiddles with her computer and new camera a bit, gets them working...Then we head out to the hotel lobby next door and meet Richard! Haven't seen him since Mexico! We eat lunch with him, and then hop the Metro down to the mall. We get to go down what was once the world's longest escalator. Seems like it could still be a contender. Miles is SO excited to be back on a subway, he just loves them. He got a map straightaway so he could study the best routes.
We get out and walk into the nearest museum to figure out which museums have the exhibits we want to see. We go down to the National Gallery, East Wing, to look at the Calder mobile, that's Miles' favorite. We see some modern and contemporary art, then walk through the light tunnel to the West Wing and see the Monets. Caroline recognized the bridge in the painting from Giverny. Then we walked through the sculpture garden and dipped our feet in the fountain (perhaps I have not mentioned how HOT it is here!!!), to the American History museum. Caroline HAD to see the ruby slippers which are there,and we all wanted to see Julia Child's kitchen.
We saw them both, and a cool video about engravings. Richard then had to leave, so we went back to Cynthia's apartment to regroup for dinner. We met Todd at Los Castanas, for Peruvian food. We haven't seen him in...15 years?! Too long, obviously.
Dinner was delicious, and then Todd called his Limo Driver, who picked us up for a nighttime monument tour. This is the Only Way to see DC monuments, btw. At night, not hot, they are lit up and beautiful, and with someone driving who knows exactly where they are going. And can park wherever they want. Just brilliant. We got back to Zoe's about 1 am. That was a pretty full first day of vacation!

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Martin said...

You ought to remember humidity from your days in Houston :-).

And I believe it's pretty hot innn Seattle these days... Nice and cool in Novato today (Tuesday 7/28) - 74 at 2pm :-).

Glad you're having a good holiday...

Cheers, Dad