Saturday, August 1, 2009

Monday-Cape Cod

Today we got up and hit the beach again. I have been running, though it is still quite muggy. It is fun to see all the cute houses, today I saw one that was not weather-beaten grey, but red!

And there is a yellow house down the road! I think they must have been allowed to pick their paint color off the Martha Stewart Cape Cod Color Palette. Everything here looks the same, and although it is quaint and distinctive, I am hesitant to call it boring. Cape Codders (Codites?) would kill me. They have a good sense of humor, Miles gets a kick out of this sign.

Sunburn report is: Nick: back, fairly major, used no sunscreen
Caroline: back, major, used sunscreen, in water a lot, no re-application
Miles: none
Elise: minor on nose, and where Nick missed on her back

After beach, we loafed around the house, and Nick and I went to the store for provisions. Caught up some laundry, did a lot of reading and played outside.

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