Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday--Travel Day

Today we got up and got packed and ready to hit the road. Nick went to Wal-Mart (it was near! Don’t judge!) to get some provisions for the road. Apparently they do not sell produce there. Weird. We get rolling, and hit traffic, as expected, across the George Washington Bridge. It never let up until we were out of NYC, and even then, only briefly. People complain about traffic in Seattle, but it really has nothing on this area, holy moldy! We go about 5 mph all the way across Connecticut, and it finally lets up until just before we get Cape Cod. We creep along for a while, and then finally see this sign!!

Yay! We get a call from Grandma Meredith that we are invited to a BBQ at Jody’s cousin’s house. So we go there first, and have some dinner and beer, and then head to the house. Good thing we have GPS, all the roads and landmarks look the same!

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Anonymous said...

Nice blog! Traffic is horrible in the northeast, trust me I know. I live here! Check out my blog some time, it may not be your cup of tea but hey you never know.