Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sunday-Grandmother Evelyn Memorial

We got up and head to the beach first thing. We jump right in the Atlantic, the water is about 68 degrees and perfect. We have to wade out to our knees through some icky seaweed, but once you are past that, it is really nice. There are not really big enough waves for boogie boarding, so we just float along on them, having a good time. I said “pschw!” every time Caroline and I went over a wave. Uncle Matt found some huge whelks, which were very cool looking to everyone but Caroline. It was basically a giant snail to her….We come back and shower and change, we are due to the graveyard at 3:00.

We caravan over there with our various GPS devices, and figure out where the Baker Family plot is.

Here is the obelisk!

Here are Stanley Baker SR, and Stanley Baker Junior.

Grandmother Evelyn did not want to be buried in an urn, so this is the same urn that Stanley Baker Jr was buried in 25 years ago, which Evelyn, Meredith and Zoe dug up the next day, and dumped the ashes into the ground to save the urn. Evelyn thought it was a shame to bury such a beautiful thing, and it was expensive! The Baker women are nothing if not pragmatic. So we each put some of the ashes into the ground, and then the kids moved all the dirt back. Meredith and Loring said a few words, and we took a few group photos. This is everyone who is related to Evelyn, both by blood and marriage.

Then we went off to another graveyard to see Mad Jack Percival’s grave, he is the great great great uncle of my kids, I think, if I have been taking notes properly….

The other relatives buried here are the ‘Fish’ family. Here they are:

We went back to the house for a fantastic dinner. Grilled veggies and swordfish and Cape Cod Cod.

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