Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tuesday--The Beach!

What a surprise, we got up and hit the beach again! Nick went golfing with Uncle Loring, and so Matt and I and the kids went down. We had such a great time. There weren’t really waves for boogie boarding,

but the kids spent a lot of time in the water

, and then made an art installation on the beach. We have found a bunch of sea life here, Matt pulled out the goggles and found lots of interesting stuff. It all started when Amelia made a display of all the different seaweeds.

We spent a lot of time shoveling sand against the tide, which was futile, as always.

Uncle Matt bought everyone ice cream,

and I went back to get the car. Then we went back to the house, set up badminton,

and Matt and I did some shopping, and we had another delicious dinner. The kids watched Coraline, and then off to bed! What a fun day!!

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