Sunday, February 7, 2010

And on Saturday

I finished the upper cutting-in in the Dining Room!! YAY!! It looks pretty good, though due to the texturing on the walls, it never looks totally straight. Good thing I'm not a perfectionist.
Glad that's done.


I got my new phone!! I am forced to admit that my new 'Highlight' is better than my beloved 'Behold'. Not in a lot of ways, but I do love it. Caroline immediately took it and took some self portraits, I could not resist making this one my wallpaper. She is so weird.

Wednesday was early release day.

Tai came over after school, and they played "Boomerland". This is a game they have made on about 200 index cards, they have worked on it for about two years. There are multiple dice, coin flipping, damage and turn counting tokens, and I cannot understand the rules to save my life.
The only two cards I can ever remember are called 'Spip' and a 'Slap Kicky'. It's so hilarious listening to them play, it is in a foreign language! But they play and make new cards all the time and love it.

Last Tuesday was Nick's birthday

So, of course, I made a lasagna.
And bought cupcakes at Trophy, since Tuesdays are busy busy busy around here!!

Four candles, 'cause he's 44.....

Sunday, January 31, 2010

What I did on Saturday the 30th

Watched Caroline make brownies.

And ate some.

What I did on Friday January 29

I went to Petsmart and got Nick his birthday present.

Sad day though, because somehow I lost my wallet and phone in the process. I do not know if I dropped them, or they were stolen, since they were in my pocket, but whatever, it is done now, so I'm starting over with a new card in my phone. But I am using Nick's old phone from what...? 2005? It has an ANTENNA!!!
As soon as my new debit card comes, I am going for the upgrade. It's embarassing!

What I did on Thursday January 28

Went to Miles' jazz band concert and forgot my camera.

Took this picture on my phone...

That's him on the end playing the bari sax.

They sounded great!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What I did on Monday January 25

I took Caroline to

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What I did today, Sunday January 24

It may seem like 'not much' but it was very enjoyable. I read a lot of my book club book:

and laughed when Clyde got in his box of toys.

What I did on Saturday the 23rd

Miles had his birthday party today. Five 13 year old boys came over for board games, pizza and cake. As predicted, it was bedlam. They are all such nice boys, but all talk at the same time, and rather than wait their turn, they just talk louder. It was fun, and they ate almost 4 large bags of chips, two large pizzas, and 2 6 packs of root beer. Oh, and cake and ice cream. Next year they are getting turkey sandwiches and a veggie platter, holy cow that was a lot of junk food!

Miles, Mitso, Tai, Bill, Max.Mitso knitted a tomato for Miles, and also made him a duct tape wallet.

Friday, January 22, 2010

What I did today, Friday 1/22

Did many things today. Here is one:
Drove the world's cutest carpool from school to dance.
That's William, Caroline, Elena and Tess. And yes, still in the Malibu, arg.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday, January 20

Today was a big day, Miles turned 13. To celebrate, he had Tai come over after school and we all went out to sushi together. Miles got his served in a giant boat!! They love him there.
They also love Caroline and made her this special roll. She loved it!
Miles and Tai put away a ton of sushi, with this caterpillar roll for the Grand Finale.

This is what I did on Tuesday, Jan 19

Went to yoga class with Miles. It was hard tonight! Focus was shoulders, so Miles and I apparently need to work on that! We still felt good afterward, and Miles enjoyed the simile of the week of trying to 'feel like you are trying to suck ping pong balls into your armpits...'

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What I did on Monday

Painted the Dining room 'semolina'. Even Nick says he likes it. and yes, I need to do the cutting in still...