Sunday, February 7, 2010

And on Saturday

I finished the upper cutting-in in the Dining Room!! YAY!! It looks pretty good, though due to the texturing on the walls, it never looks totally straight. Good thing I'm not a perfectionist.
Glad that's done.


I got my new phone!! I am forced to admit that my new 'Highlight' is better than my beloved 'Behold'. Not in a lot of ways, but I do love it. Caroline immediately took it and took some self portraits, I could not resist making this one my wallpaper. She is so weird.

Wednesday was early release day.

Tai came over after school, and they played "Boomerland". This is a game they have made on about 200 index cards, they have worked on it for about two years. There are multiple dice, coin flipping, damage and turn counting tokens, and I cannot understand the rules to save my life.
The only two cards I can ever remember are called 'Spip' and a 'Slap Kicky'. It's so hilarious listening to them play, it is in a foreign language! But they play and make new cards all the time and love it.

Last Tuesday was Nick's birthday

So, of course, I made a lasagna.
And bought cupcakes at Trophy, since Tuesdays are busy busy busy around here!!

Four candles, 'cause he's 44.....